So you want to learn Adsense

In this Adsense tutorial I will show you the basic's on how to get started, how to join the adsense program, what you should have before you apply for adsense, how much does it cost, how much money will you make, what kind of ad formats there are and so on, I hope this advise will be helpful for you, I will try to explain it to you in a beginners sense, you will also find up to date Adsense news articles, links to free website templates and other helpful stuff, so pull up a seat grab a cold drink and let's begin.

What is Google Adsense?

It is a program that you can participate in that lets you put small ad's on your webpage, when somone clicks on one of the ad's you get some money, the ad's are relevant to the content on your website, if your website is about painting cars you might get ad's about car paint or books on how to paint cars, google will scan your site and pick up on your content.

What will it cost me?

Nothing, the program is free.

Do I have to live in the USA to join?


What should I have before I apply for adsense?

A working website, not one that is under construction, good content, lets say if I search for how to paint a car, I want to get info on how to do just that and not go off on ten other things with little info and a lot of ad's, have at least three to five good articles and some useful links, If you only have one page right now with good content that should be ok, If you get turned down add some page's with content and apply again, remember to try to stick to one topic, that way when google scans your page the ad's will be relevant to your site topic.

How much money can I make?

It all depends on how much the advertiser pay's, It could be ten cents or ten dollars per click, the range is wide and pay's different on all topics, If you have a popular site and a lot of people are clicking the ad's you could make hundreds of dollars a day.

Are you ready?

If you have a site up and running and want to apply for adsense let's do it.

Apply for the adsense program

Ok, if you don't have a google account you will need to create one, go to, at the upper right you should see a box that says create account now, click it, put in your email and pick a password, pick your location, read the terms of service then accept and create your account, you will get a confirmation email soon, follow the instructions in the email to get things started, after you have an account go to google and sign in, you should see my services, click on Adsense, see the sign up button, click it, fill in the information needed, read the Adsense policies and make shure your site is within the guidelines of the terms and click the submit information button, you will receive a confirmation email soon, follow the instructions in the email, thats it, now give the reviewers a couple of days to check out your site, you should get an email letting you know the status of your application.

What kind of ad's do I have to choose from?

Click here to see the different ad types

Setup your ad's

Log in to your adsense account, go to the adsense setup tab, click, you will see adsense for content, click it, you can add a search box or referrals a little later, right now let's get some referral ad's going, you should see ad unit and link unit, pick the type you would like on your site, then move to ad format and color, pick the format and color you wish to use, you also can select square or round corners, in more options you can leave show public service ad's checked, don't worry about channels yet, if you are in wizard mode click continue when you are done, if you are using single page you should see your adsense code box, this contains the code you need to copy and paste in your website html code with your html editor, where you place the ad's is up to you, try position changes to see what works best for your layout, you should see public service ad's start to show, this is normal until google scans your site for content, after the scan you will start to the content ad's, this might take a little time, maybe a day, so relax and wait for the ad's to show, remember do not! click your ad's to see if they are working and do not have your friends start clicking your ad's.

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