Make Money Online for Free From Your Opt-in Email Marketing

Make Money Online for Free From Your Opt-in Email Marketing

Finally you have come to understand the value of your opt-in email marketing list. There are so many success stories of people who make money online for free with their opt-in email marketing lists you have finally decide to build a list of your own or monetize the list you already have. Then you come to realize that you only thought you knew all there was to know about opt-in email marketing lists. To this point you may have followed the guru’s advice to the letter and you still are not able to make money online.

In fact, you might even be losing money. You might have found that even if you have a big opt-in email marketing list, only a very small percentage actually buy from you and you are not making the money that you thought you would. Being able to make money online for free has alluded you.

So, you find yourself wondering why others can do so well almost “effortlessly” to make money online for free while you have good products or services and struggle. The single most common mistake people make is moving too fast without a good plan. After all, you chose a great topic and knew you would earn money quickly. However, simply writing the people on your list does not mean they are going to buy from you right away.

There are some simple things that can be done for those who have started an opt-in email marketing list and have failed to realize a profit from it. You can turn things around and make your opt-in list profitable by doing a few simple tweaks to your approach. Here are three quick and easy ways to build a profitable opt-in list or rejuvenate an old one.

1) Get your customers to trust you first. Just throwing a bunch of products at your list will not make you an expert and a believable seller. Prepare the way by writing articles or blogs on the subject of a particular problem that your product provides a solution. Write about topics you are familiar with and have used for your business. You can visit forums to gain knowledge about your customers wants, needs and problems. Target those wants, needs and problems. Give free information that offers solutions and your value increases with each helpful bit of information.

2) Make post to forums of competing sites. Meaningful and helpful comments and tips are always appreciated and acceptable. Doing this will help you build trust and a following that assist you in building your own opt-in email marketing list. Ask other forum users to join your list. Making friends in this way also makes it easier for your new friends to become your new customers. Be sure to always have a link to your site in your signature or by line.

3) Provide solutions to a problem or challenge that your readers will likely have. Most people are surfing and looking around on the internet for things that will help them. If you are the one offering solutions via your opt-in email marketing list, whether that is some product or a service, they are more likely to not only subscribe to your site, but become a customer as well. Remember, facts tell, solutions sell.

The certain truth is, the money will only flow when and if your subscribers believe and trust in you. They want a product or service that will be a worth the money. People are not going to buy something from your recommendation if they don’t know and trust you.

There is one thing you should always keep in mind about marketing and what motivates people to buy. “Pain Sells.” People everywhere and in all walks of life respond to pain. They either want to end their pain or avoid pain. One of the best business models I have discovered is to offer people a way to make money online for free.

Building a profitable opt-in email marketing list does not happen overnight. There is much to do in preparation for presenting revenue generating ideas and products to your opt in list. Make sure that your subscribers are happy and satisfied and view you as a source of valuable information and they will be willing to buy from you when you, the expert, present solutions to their problems.

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